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What Not To Pack While Traveling The World

Author: Nancy Arlington

As you may have guessed, regulations vary from country to country. Even things as simple as in-flight snacks that you pack may not pass customs inspections for an overseas destination. If you notice the list below, you will see that mostly common sense and maybe a little bit of thought could tell you why you should not bring these things along on your world travel vacation.

*Open containers of beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverage

*Pets unless they have all appropriate vaccination records (check with each country before bringing your pet into their country for the pet's safety)

*Any native wildlife

*Weapons or toys that resemble weapons

*Game that was bagged on your safari or hunting trip

*Prescription drugs without ALL proper documentation

*Medicines, vitamins, or nutritional supplements with illegible labels

*Illegal drugs or paraphernalia these are worth the Death Penalty in some countries

*Potted houseplants, seeds, soil, or sand

*Pieces of coral reef, whalebone, and some seashells

*Uncooked pork, beef, poultry, or any meat or animal products

*Unprocessed or uncooked vegetables, fruits, roots, etc.

*Hay, straw, oats, or similar items

*Any kind of plant or product that could harbor insects or disease

*Fireworks of any kind

Some of the products listed above will be suitable in some countries, but if you are not sure, it is best not to try to pack them with your luggage. You would hate to end up at the airport and have to throw away any souvenirs that you purchased with your hard earned money. Some things can be shipped but not packed in luggage. Check with the regulations in the country you are visiting before you make any purchase of any questionable product to ensure you are able to enjoy it.

Along with the things that you should not take with you, here a few things that you would not want to leave home without. If you are planning on taking a laptop computer, a nice digital camera, or any fancy jewelry or other high dollar item, you will need to take along with you the receipt from where and when you purchased the item back home in the states. If you do not have all proper documentation, there is a possibility that you could be charged duty fees and taxes in foreign countries for that product. If you cannot provide the receipt, it is a good idea to take a photo of the item in your home with a newspaper plainly showing the date and town of publication. It may not always save you, but it will help in many cases.

You can research online the customs regulations of most countries before you ever depart your home here in the states. It is a good idea to do this research early in your trip planning so your plans to not have to drastically change due to an unforeseen circumstances.

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