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Canopy Tour in Costa Rica

Author: Rob Jacob

Last year we visited Costa Rica as a stop on an 8 day cruise. Among the many excursion available to us was a canopy tour. A canopy tour (aka zip-lining) involves sliding down steel cables from tree to tree to tree through the jungle. My wife had a sore shoulder so she did another tamer excursion. But my brother and his family we excited to do the canopy tour.

To get to the canopy tour location, we took a long bus ride (over an hour). The roads in Costa Rica are in poor shape largely due to the weather conditions. But we made it safely to the canopy tour place. We got off the bus, and got into line to get our equipment. They fitted us with harnesses like rock climbers wear. There was a big pulley hooked to the belt as well as straps with karabiners on the ends. We also got leather gloves and helmets.

Once we were all equipped, we were given some instruction on how to safely ride the zip-lines. They showed us how to slow ourselves, and what to do if we got stuck halfway between trees.

Then we were led down a jungle road and trail to where the zip-line ride started. We climb some wooden stairs to the first platform. We were always tethered to something such as a stair railing, or a tree trunk.

The first platform was about 50 feet above the jungle floor. They attached the pulley connected to our harness to the zip-line. They released the tether and attached it to a second steel cable the paralleled the first cable. Then we slid down the cable to the second platform where there was a guy to catch us if we came in too fast or if we lost control.

The first zip-line was the shortest. I think that was so people wouldn't get so scared. Some of the lines were as long as maybe 500 feet. Those were pretty cool!

There were a dozen lines to ride as we mad our way through the jungle. The final line took us down to the beach.

At the beach we removed our equipment, and left it in a pile. We followed a path that led us back to the canopy tour place where we were given fruit and some drinks.

Then we got back on the bus to takes us on the hour plus bumpy ride back to the ship.

If you are afraid of heights, you will probably not like a canopy tour! But I think most people will really enjoy themselves!

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