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Costa Rica Hotels - The Ultimate Getaway

Author: Todd Sarouhan

Costa Rica Hotels - The Ultimate Getaway With more than a million visitors annually, Costa Rica is now among the hottest vacation destinations in the world. Offering some of the most beautiful and exotic locations, this small Central American nation is filled with a rich history, stunning beaches, dense jungles, steaming volcanoes, roaring rivers, gushing waterfalls and fantastic national parks. An ecotourists dream, Costa Rica makes for the perfect escape amidst some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world today.

Ideal for honeymooners, families, business executives and nature adventurers, this tropical country is home to some of the most amazing flora and fauna, not found anywhere else on earth. And while the rainforests here are lush and dense, the cloud forests of Monteverde and Santa Elena offer entirely unique and mystical surroundings to explore. The ultimate getaway for those seeking to leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind, Costa Rica is also an adventure hotspot with everything from surfing to mountain biking found here.

Costa Rica hotels for every budget There are a plethora of accommodations to suit every budget in Costa Rica, ranging from luxurious five star hotels like the Four Seasons in the Gulf of Papagayo, to a number of reasonably priced resorts on the Nicoya Peninsula Coast. In most tourist towns, one can find a wide array of places to rent and stay at. However, in the more remote areas accommodation options can get rather limited; therefore it is a good idea to make an advance reservation or room booking.

There are a number of good bargain hotels and resorts in Costa Rica, so it is also important that you do your research and make sure you check out all your options before reserving a room. Booking a room in advance will not only assure you have a room, but will save you any hassle of searching for some place to stay especially if you happening to be touring Costa Rica during the high season. New Years Eve, Easter week, Christmas and the months of January and February are some of the busiest months for traveling in Costa Rica. Plus, during these periods the entire city tends to shut down, with local Ticos hitting the costal regions. The high season here lasts from December to April.

Renting Apartotels - a cheap alternative to hotels in Costa Rica If you plan on staying in Costa Rica for more than a few weeks, renting an apartotels is a good way to save money. Apartotels are like hotel rooms, but they come with an equipped kitchen and other amenities. If you are backpacking though the country, bed and breakfasts B&B;'s are a much better hotel option to consider, as they are very affordable and economical. However, if your budget is a little more flexible then cabinas are the ideal alternative. All inclusive resorts, private lodges, cabins and inns are the best if your traveling budget is more pliable.

How to get a discount on Costa Rica Hotels To get a good discount on your hotel room, visit Costa Rica during the green or rainy season that lasts from mid-April to November, but do keep in mind that when booking a room anytime of the year you will be charged a compulsory sales and tourism tax of 16.39%.

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